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Moon and Sun
Pieces of Peace
Sometimes, when my mind won't quit, When I'm a chaotic mess of Thought and Emotion, I go here For the quiet. Her stitches speak a language I can understand. The images create a space I can relax into. Someday, I hope to own a piece of her cloth. I want to hold it in my hands. Maybe the texture will hold me as well as the thoughts. Comfort, in cloth. Spirit Cloth

welcome tinydeal
elephone p7000 con octa core/4g lte/

Dopo Google ha rilasciato il suo nuovo sistema operativo Android5.0, molti smartphone trovato a upgated ad Android 5.0. Ma il primo smartphone cinese nasce con Android5.0 è dal elephone, precedente esposto elephone P6000. E ora cosa più sorprendente è che il vero assassino di punta del brand-elephone P7000. E 'pesantemente armato con Android5.0 OS / octa nucleo 64bit CPU / 3GB RAM, ecc L'ultimo Android 5.0 elephone P7000 non è ancora arrivato, ma sarà presto disponibile su Tinydeal! Elephone P7000 è costituito da struttura in metallo che far sembrare elegante e bella. è pwered con 3200mAh batteria ed anche eseguire l'ultimo sistema operativo Android chiamato Android 5.0 con un processore Octa Core. È 5.5 pollici in dimensioni e avendo FHD grafica. Il elephone P7000 si crede di essere venuto nel mercato per lottare contro i campioni smartphone attualmente. Viene fornito con una 4g LTE-FDD: Band 1/3/7 e WCDMA 3G. che hanno il supporto per sensore... (more)

nurturing needles
A visit from a detective
Boy, I wish I was 30 years younger! That was some good-looking detective that came here yesterday. Good thing Robbie woke me up--I was in pain all night and had just dozed off when the officer showed up. I'm SO glad the police are taking me seriously! I'm afraid to leave the house; I sat in the living room all day, reading my Bible, reading 'Glory In Death" by JD Robb--wow, what a talented author! I gave Patty my copy of "Northern Lights" to read yesterday, but I'm sure she hasn't started it yet. That is my all-time favorite book by Nora Roberts, so Patty better not let her cats pee on it. My back feels much better today, surprisingly. But my left leg is still useless. I am fairly confident with the cane, but Bob doesn't want me using it outside in the snow. I'm really worried about Bob. I know how he gets around this time of the year, but lately, he's been really down. He sleeps all damn day. I just asked him if he wanted to go get a beer (How could he refuse a beer??) but he... (more)

Mencari Jodoh 14(2)
"Beginilah Kak. Biar Has ceritakan dari awal lagi. Has harap Akak kenal Has dan faham perasaan Has." Husna mengangguk dua kali diikuti oleh senyuman nipis. "Has anak ketiga dari lima orang adik-beradik. Ayah dan emak Has orang ushawan. Abang dan kakak kerja dengan syarikat ayah dan emak. Has pula nak ambil pengalaman di tempat lain dahulu sebelum join dia orang tu. Tapi selepas bekerja dengan Encik Burhan ni Has rasa Has nak terus bekerja dengan dia." Senggang. Haslina memberi peluang jika Husna ada sesuatu soalan atau pandangan. Ternyata tidak ada yang keluar dari mulutnya.Berhati-hati. Ibarat: terlajak sampan boleh diundur, terlajak kata burk padahnya. Biar dia habis dulu...resmi orang yang bijak. Ada falsafah juga Husni ni, sempat dia berfikir begitu. "Tadi Has ada tanya akak, pernah tak akak suka seseorang? Akak pulangkan soalan tu balik pada Has." Senggang. Husna memandang tepat pada mata Haslina. Haslinapun begitu. Tanda ikhlas? Secara... (more)

Web Frontier
choosing a denver seo consultant
Tips on choosing a Search engine marketing Professional You have started a company and it is doing well however you find that there is additional you can try to enhance your actual market. You have got a company web site and you simply had wished that it really could bring in many new business every month to put yourself on a safe and secure foundation. So, the website just isn't exactly getting the visitors that you wanted or expected. Now it's the moment to decide on a Denver Colorado Web optimization authority. Specifically what is SEO? SEO is short for search engine optimization. In layman's terms meaning making sure your website strongly related to your business to ensure that the search engines like google and bing will notice it as a firm which might be valuable to the person in search of specialized info or simply a particular type of goods and services. What to expect from an SEO adviser. If... (more)

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